Clear cast acrylic is a high quality and versatile clear plastic sheet material offering high levels of strength and clarity.

Key features:
•Excellent optical clarity
•High gloss finish
•Hard wearing
•Weather resistant
•Easy to work with/fabricate

Typical applications:
•Model and display display display
•Retail display
•Point of sale
•Point of purchase
Optical clarity:
Clear cast acrylic has an exceptionally high level of light transmission allowing 92% of all visible light through the material creating an unparalleled crystal clear finish. Not even glass can achieve this level of optical clarity. Because of this clear cast acrylic is an excellent alternative to glass for glazing purposes.

Hard wearing
Cast acrylic is one of the hardest thermoplastic sheet materials available and its attractive aesthetics remain for longer than other plastic sheet materials.

Light weight
While offering higher levels of clarity than glass, clear cast acrylic weighs half as much as an equivalent glass panel making fabrication, installation and transportation a far more attractive proposition.

High gloss finish and easy to clean
Its high gloss finish is not only very attractive but also more practically very easy to clean.

Weather resistant
With excellent resistance to the elements, cast acrylic performs well outside. No significant changes in appearance are expected over 10 years.

Manufacturing process
Cast acrylic is manufactured by pouring monomer between two sheets of high quality glass and polymerised in batches in a carefully controlled manufacturing process.

Cast acrylic can be recycled all the way back to its original raw material, the monomer

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